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AASHTO IS 2009 Speaker Presentations

Sunday, May 3

Jan Edwards AASHTO-IS 2009 Member Orientation

Monday, May 4

Stevan Gorcester Data Dashboards for Transportation Projects
Tami Griffin Washington Transportation Framework for GIS
Thelma Smith IT Dashboard Project

Tuesday, May 5

Dave McComb Next Generation Web
Julian Soh Preparing for Windows 7 and IE8 Migration
Leni Oman Transportation Knowledge Networks
John Marchioni Digital Signatures
Ralph Menzano Enterprise 2.0 (E20 Part 1, E20 Part 2)
Rob Van Hooser Records Management Strategies

Wednesday, May 6

Doug Couto Implementing a Green IT Strategy
Gaylord Wahl Closing the Strategy-to-Execution Gap
Jeff Barr AWS Clouds
Jeff Schulman SOA Best Practice
Paula Ewen AARA Reporting Requirements
Patty Rubstello Variable Tolling HOT Lanes

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