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Passenger Rail COVID-19 Transportation System Reporting

As of July 31, 2022, we are no longer updating the COVID-19 dashboard but will keep it available for the time being as an archive for travel information and data collected during the pandemic.

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Measures showing the effect of COVID-19 on Passenger Rail (Amtrak Cascades)

Effect of COVID-19 on Passenger Rail

For more information on Amtrak Cascades Passenger Rail, please visit
Amtrak Cascades and WSDOT Passenger Rail.

Source: WSDOT Rail, Freight and Ports Division.

Note: Baseline is defined as ridership number from the same weekday of the same month from Baseline year. Baseline is defined as March 2019 to Feb 2020. Passenger Rail ridership data is reported for the entire Cascades corridor between Vancouver BC and Eugene OR. Data is preliminary and subject to change.

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