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COVID-19 Multimodal Transportation System Performance Dashboard

Washington state has seen a significant decline in travel across all modes of transportation since mid-March. Washingtonians have responded positively to Gov. Inslee’s various COVID-19 related initiatives such as closing schools (March 12), restricting gatherings to fewer than 50 people (March 16), and the Stay Home – Stay Healthy Executive Order (March 25).

Multimodal travel declines in Highway Traffic, Toll Systems, and Ferries, Transit and Passenger Rail ridership are reflected in the executive summary below. The summary will be updated by 10:30 am daily with the most recent data available. For deeper dives into the data and daily updates to information on COVID-19’s effects on items ranging from Freight and Safety to County data, see buttons below.

WSDOT is monitoring these system-wide transportation changes based on data from WSDOT Traffic Information, the Washington State Transit Association and the Department of Health. If you are a local agency and would like to share your transportation data here, please email us the information at

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Note: Baseline is defined as volume number from the same weekday of the same month from the year 2019. For example, Wednesday, April 3, 2019 would serve as the baseline for comparing the volume data from Wednesday, April, 1, 2020.

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Disclaimer: Data should be considered preliminary and can be used for informational purposes.