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Parcel Information - I.C. No. 1-17-08007

Minimum Bid: $250,000

Zoning Information: City of Bellevue 425-452-6466

Tax Parcel Number: Portion of 532680-0055

Location and Size: A 6,772 +/- sq. ft. irregular shaped parcel located near State Route 405. The parcel measures 70 +/- feet along its northern boundary, 80 +/- feet on the southern boundary (NE 20th St.) and 80 +/- feet of frontage on both NE 20th St. and on the unnamed/unconstructed frontage road.

Abbreviated Legal and Acquisition Information: Portion of Lot 11, McGovern’s Cedarcrest Addition, according to the plat thereof recorded in Vol. 54 of Plats, Page 22, in King County. The parcel was acquired by Warranty Deed recorded in King County under Recording No. 20071115000953.

Improvements: None

Topography and Cover: The subject is flat with no discernible elevation change. It is covered in native brush with a number of tall evergreen trees.  A portion of the site is cleared and appears to have been the location of a single family residence before demolition.

Utilities: All standard urban utilities are available in the street.

Special Conditions: For land usage requirements/restrictions contact the local jurisdiction(s). This parcel is being sold subject to a reservation for a Subterranean Tie-Back Easement. Excavation below four feet within this easement area will require review and approval by the grantor. Direct access to SR 405 and the unconstructed frontage road will be prohibited.

Zoning: The parcel is zoned BR-MO (Bel-Red Medical Office). 

Map for surplus property IC # 1-17-08007

This property information is also available on our Interactive Map.

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