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Parcel Information - I.C. No. 5-03-00012

Zoning Information: Benton County (509) 786-5612

Tax Parcel Number: 104852000002000 & 104852000001000

Minimum Bid: $25,000.00

Location and Size: A 13.49 + acre parcel located at the top of Prosser Hill off of State Route 221. A portion of the SW ¼, NW ¼ and the NW ¼ of the SW ¼ both of Section 4, Township 8 North, Range 25 East, W.M. Acquired by Warranty Deed recorded in Benton County under Auditor’s File No. 380357.

Topography: The subject is fairly long in size and follows the land contours along the hillside.

Cover: The parcel is covered in rocky soil and natural vegetation.

Utilities: Electrical service is the only utility available in the vicinity of this parcel.

Special Conditions: For land usage requirements/restrictions contact the local jurisdiction(s). This parcel currently has no legal access. The property is being sold subject to a 20 foot access easement that serves an abutting property owner.

Zoning: The parcel is zoned Growth Management Act Agricultural District (GMAAD).

5-03-00012 Map

This property information is also available on our Interactive Map.

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