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Real Estate Auction

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Comments or questions regarding upcoming auctions, this site, or the terms of use should be directed to:

Michelle Newlean
Disposal Supervisor

Auction Properties

Please view our General Sale Terms for information on our auction process. 

The following properties will be part of the department's October 14, 2015 auction:

King County

7-17-00222  Renton
1-17-05470  Kent

Skagit County
1-29-07258  Burlington

Snohomish County 
1-31-05356  Unincorporated County
1-31-11545  Lynnwood

Okanogan County
2-24-00016  Unincorporated County

Clallam County
3-05-06565  Unincorporated County
3-05-11834  Unincorporated County

Grays Harbor County
3-14-04059  Aberdeen

Kitsap County
3-18-03127  Port Orchard
3-18-04426  Port Orchard
3-18-04746  Port Orchard
3-18-04782  Kingston/Kitsap County
3-18-14153  Port Orchard

Clark County
4-06-04574  Unincorporated County

Lincoln County
6-22-00073  Unincorporated County

Spokane County
6-32-00088  Spokane Valley
6-32-13948  Unincorporated County

Whitman County
6-38-04540  Unincorporated County

Properties Currently Available for Purchase (No Auction):

The following properties are available on a first come first served basis at the minimum bid price. Please see paragraph 12 of our General Sale Terms for additional information on this process.

King County 
1-17-02867  Renton
1-17-07844  Unincorporated County
1-17-09740  Covington

Skagit County
1-29-00079  Unincorporated County
1-29-11418  SOLD

Snohomish County
1-31-03010  SOLD
1-31-05919  Unincorporated County
1-31-10995  Snohomish
1-31-11547  SOLD

Grant County
2-13-07954  Moses Lake

Clallam County
3-05-06542  Sequim
Mason County
3-23-00006  Unincorporated County
3-23-00026  SOLD

Pierce County
3-27-06443  SOLD
3-27-07153  SOLD
3-27-07658  Tacoma
3-27-07659  Tacoma
3-27-08638  Unincorporated County

Thurston County
3-34-07961  Unincorporated County
3-34-08651  Unincorporated County

Clark County
4-06-08173  Vancouver
4-06-08243  Vancouver
4-06-09455  SOLD
10-06-09816 Vancouver

Klickitat County
4-20-00064 Unincorporated County

Wahkiakum County
4-35-04457 SOLD

Walla Walla County
5-36-09487  SOLD

Yakima County
5-39-00682  Unincorporated County
5-39-09597  SOLD

Lincoln County
6-22-00037 SOLD


Grays Harbor County
3-14-09228  SR 520 Aberdeen Casting Basin

Over the course of the next four years, the Washington State Department of Transportation may be auctioning the following properties.  Additional information will become available once the properties have been selected for a particular auction.