Electronic Engineering Data Standards

The Electronic Engineering Data Standards manual defines standards and procedures for preparing, delivering, and archiving electronic engineering data created for WSDOT during survey, design, and PS&E phases of highway projects. These standards apply to projects delivered by department staff and consulting firms unless otherwise approved by the WSDOT Project Development Engineer.

Publication Date: 
Saturday, July 1, 2006
Publication Number: 
M 3028
Last modified: 
07/20/2017 - 09:20
Manual Manager: 
Clint Hill
Design Office, Engineering and Regional Operations Division
Number of Pages: 
Standards and procedures for electronic engineering data

Individual Chapters

Forward (pdf 18 KB)

Contents (pdf 112 KB)

Division 1 Deliverables
      Deliverables 1 WSDOT Resources (pdf 41 KB)
      Deliverables 2 Data Transfer, Review and Acceptance (pdf 103 KB)
      Deliverables 3 Project Directory Structure (pdf 1.3 MB)
      Deliverables 4 File Naming Conventions (pdf 344 KB)
      Deliverables 5 Survey (pdf 60 KB)
      Deliverables 6 Roadway Design (pdf 91 KB)
      Deliverables 7 Drafting and Plans Preparation (pdf 443 KB)
      Deliverables 8 ProjectWise (pdf 83 KB)

Division 2 Forms
      Forms 1 General (pdf 10 KB)
      Forms 2 Survey (pdf 583 KB)
      Forms 3 Project Journal Template (pdf 101 KB)
      Forms 4 InRoads (pdf 309 KB)
      Forms 5 CAD Documentation (pdf 1.1MB)
      Forms 6 ProjectWise (49 KB)

Division 3 Symbology
      Symbology 1 Requirements (pdf 191 KB)
      Symbology 2 Data Collection (pdf 368 KB)
      Symbology 3 Design (pdf 31 KB)
      Symbology 4 Right of Way Standards (pdf 1.1 MB)
      Symbology 5 PS&E Standards (pdf 8.3 MB)