Public Transportation - Grants - Regional Mobility Grant Program Guidebook

WSDOT’s Public Transportation Division provides this Regional Mobility Grant Program Guidebook as a resource to grantees to assist in managing funds awarded from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

2017-2019 RMG program guide (pdf 559 kb)

Table of contents, overview, and acronyms and abbreviations.

Chapter 1: All Projects
Grants contracts, change requests, purchasing policies, matching funds, performance measurement plans, project records, transit asset management, reimbursement request procedures, and more.

Chapter 2: Operating Projects
Eligible services and expenses.

Chapter 3: Capital (Vehicle and Equipment) Projects
Eligible services and expenses, procurement records and retention, vehicle titles and retention, vehicle and equipment management, asset management, insurance requirements, damages and repairs, change of use, and more.

Chapter 4: Construction Projects
Project requirements, conducting procurement requirements, procurement records and retention, facility maintenance and management, asset management, project design, insurance, and more.

Appendix A: Required Submittals to WSDOT

Appendix B: Reimbursement Request – Operating

Appendix C: Reimbursement Request – Capital/Vehicle and Equipment

Appendix D: Reimbursement Request – Capital Construction

Appendix E: Quarterly Progress Report – Operating

Appendix F: Quarterly Progress Report – Capital/Vehicle and Equipment

Appendix G: Quarterly Progress Report – Capital Construction

Appendix H: Asset Minimum Useful Life