SR 500 42nd Ave - 54th Ave Safety Improvements Study

State Route 500 is an east-west connection between I-5 and I-205, and also a gateway into east Clark County. Growth and development in the area are contributing to increased traffic backups and delays. There are two traffic lights on SR 500 at 42nd Avenue/NE Falk Road and 54th Avenue/NE Stapleton Road. Over a five-year span, there were nearly 400 crashes around these lights. On average, that is more than one crash a week. 

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Study Purpose

  • WSDOT is conducting a study to develop concepts that would help improve safety and travel times on SR 500 between St. Johns Road and Northeast Andresen Road, while maintaining bicycle and pedestrian access across the highway.
  • The safety study will provide a blueprint to determine priorities for future highway work should funding become available.

    Community Engagement

    • Outcomes of this study may change how travelers access SR 500 and get to and from locations along the corridor. Community engagement is integral to the safety study process.
    • The SR 500 safety study will solicit input from local stakeholders and community members.
    • Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to tell us what you experience traveling in this area. This online survey is open until 5 p.m. Saturday, March 31.

    Existing Conditions

    • A high number of crashes occur at the two lights, especially during peak travel times when the corridor is most congested.
    • In less than a decade, traffic in this area has increased by 30 percent.
    • Over a five-year span, there were 396 crashes in the study area, 302 were rear-end collisions.

    SR 500 - 42nd Ave - 54th Ave crash data
    SR 500 - 42nd Ave - 54th Ave crash data 2012 - 2016

    Corridor History

    • Potential construction projects at these intersections were identified in the past, but have not been funded. 
    • There is currently no funding identified for improvements at these intersections.
    • Because of the high number of crashes, it is our responsibility to identify actionable improvements.

      The End Result

      WSDOT will develop a list of potential improvements to address the corridor needs. Concepts will be prioritized based on data-driven safety benefits and cost effectiveness, allowing for incremental implementation as funding becomes available. This effort focuses on first finding smaller fixes and operational adjustments that could be funded and implemented sooner. This may even delay or remove the need for additional and more costly improvements. The information will guide WSDOT to help prioritize projects that will:

      • Reduce the frequency and severity of crashes between St Johns Road and NE Andresen Road.
      • Improve travel times and reduce congestion between St Johns Road and NE Andresen Road.
      • Maintain connections for people who walk or bike across SR 500 at NE 42nd Avenue and 54nd Avenue.

      Project Timeline

      Fall/winter 2017

      • Data collection and analysis
      • Develop scope of work

      Spring/early summer 2018

      • Stakeholder communication
      • Community engagement
      • Open house and online survey
      • Safety and data analysis
      • Finalize concepts

      Summer 2018

      • Identify recommendations
      • Complete study report


      WSDOT has provided $200,000 for the safety improvements study. Funding for concepts identified in the study is not currently available.


      Your feedback is important

      Please contact the study team with questions or comments about this safety study:

      Judith R. Perez, AICP, Study Lead

      Tamara Greenwell, Communications