Geodetic Survey

The Geodetic Survey Branch of the GeoMetrix Office (formerly Geographic Services) is a WSDOT Headquarters office located in Tumwater, Washington. A consistent controlled survey network is essential to credible data. Geodetic Survey maintains a network of very accurately located survey points that make up the starting point for design and construction project work. By working from a standard survey network, WSDOT project work done at different locations and at different times better align with each other where they meet. Features located using GPS are related accurately in relationship to the roadway. By sharing our survey information with others outside the department, our right of way boundaries are more apt to align with local property surveys. Sharing accurate data saves funds, time, and is easy to use across many software platforms.

Calibrating Datums (this is a Power Point show that requires you to click to advance the screens). This presentation is a collation of information from several sources.

Monument Mapping Engine User Guide

A Practical look at Comparing Puget Sound LIDAR Data to Field Points

Spatial Reference Network

3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Video - Bridge Overview

3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Video - Bridge Detail


Other Monument Sites


NGS Data Sheet by State and Designation

NGS Data Sheet by Area

NGS Data Sheet by PID



If you have any questions on Photogrammetry or Remote Sensing, please contact Kurt Williamson at 360-709-5533.

Geodetic Survey