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Leaving Anacortes
DepartEst. ArriveVesselADA
4:155:20 Kaleetan ADA Accessible
6:207:40 Samish ADA Accessible
8:30 19:55 Chelan ADA Accessible
9:3010:35 Samish ADA Accessible
2:403:45 Samish ADA Accessible
4:305:50 Kaleetan ADA Accessible
6:007:20 Samish ADA Accessible
8:259:45 Kaleetan ADA Accessible
10:3012:35 am Tillikum ADA Accessible
1 Priority for Sidney BC vehicles ticketed and in line no later than 8:00am
International Service Cancelled November 12 - December 8: The 8:30 AM Anacortes to Sidney and 9:55 AM Friday Harbor to Sidney sailings are cancelled. The 8:30 AM domestic departure from Anacortes to Friday Harbor will sail.
Leaving Friday Harbor
DepartEst. ArriveVesselADA
5:457:10 Kaleetan ADA Accessible
8:059:10 Samish ADA Accessible
11:05 112:10 pm Samish ADA Accessible
1:55 23:00 Chelan ADA Accessible
4:155:40 Samish ADA Accessible
6:257:50 Kaleetan ADA Accessible
7:459:05 Samish ADA Accessible
8:5010:10 Tillikum ADA Accessible
10:0511:10 Kaleetan ADA Accessible
1 This sailing may on occasion make a prearranged stop at Lopez Island to pick up Lopez Island School District vehicles and passengers which will delay the Anacortes arrival by approximately ten minutes. 2 All passengers and their belongings boarding in Friday Harbor are subject to U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspection.
International Service Cancelled November 12 - December 8: The 12:05 PM sailing from Sidney to Friday Harbor and Anacortes is cancelled. The 1:55 PM domestic departure from Friday Harbor to Anacortes will sail.