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Starter Estimates

Example Estimates

The estimates available here have been submitted by each Region as good "Typical" examples of a project type.

Each example is comprised of Standard & Non-Standard Bid Items that may be contained in a typical estimate for the type of project each of these examples represent.

These estimates are presented here for you to use as Starter Estimate templates, Examples available for Project Types:

  • Guardrail
  • Signals (new)
  • Structures / Bridges
  • Safety
  • Signing
  • BST
  • Fish Passage
  • Paving

Click on the underlined Contract Number to view or copy each Estimates list of Bid Items.
Starter Estimates*

Estimate Tools

EBASE - Bid Items Tab has tools for Unit Bid History and Specification info for entered Standard Bid Items. UBA - Unit Bid Analysis Tool - Historical Low Bid History for Standard Items. Bid Tabs Pro - Bid History Analysis tool for Standard and Non-Standard Bid Items used in WSDOT projects. Extremely versatile analysis tool. Bids Tabs Plus - You may upload Bid Item data from EXCEL files to start an estimate. See the Bid Tabs Plus section of the Bid Tabs Pro Web Page for Detailed Instruction Manual * Keep checking back, additional estimates templates will be added as good examples are identified.

Tomi Hume-Pontius
Support Systems Engineer