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Benefits of the CVISN Program

Photo of commercial trucks passing by a transponder reader.Motor carriers, the motoring public and government agencies benefit from the CVISN Program in the following ways:


  • Law enforcement can focus resources¬†on high-risk and non-inspected carriers and operators.
  • With fewer trucks pulling in and out of weigh stations it reduces collision risks for commercial and passenger vehicles.


  • Simplified, automated screening and targeting of high-risk operators improves enforcement efficiency.
  • Standardized data exchange makes for simpler, more efficient workdays for participating motor carriers, drivers, and regulators.
  • Motor carriers can more quickly obtain information from regulatory and enforcement agencies.


  • It is estimated that commercial motor carriers save $1.25 for every minute that they are not idling in weigh station queues.
  • Automated reporting and record keeping technology reduces costly paperwork for government and motor carriers.¬†