US 395 - I-82 to I-182 Corridor Planning Study

WSDOT is studying collisions and congestion issues, and the affects of economic development, on US 395 through Kennewick and Pasco, from I-82 to I-182. The Kennewick section of US 395 has partial limited access control and 10 intersections. The development of large land parcels is creating a need to address the impacts of increased traffic volumes on US 395 and the intersections. Future growth for the surrounding area will add more vehicles to the roadway, compounding the current issues with collisions and congestion. We will conduct a corridor analysis to identify problems and develop potential solutions.

WSDOT will identify a wide range of potential improvements to address mobility, reduce the risk of collisions and promote economic vitality along the corridor. Improvements could be as simple as re-striping lanes and improving sidewalks or as complex as building roundabouts and adding lanes. Although there is no funding currently available for improvements, the corridor analysis will provide a blueprint for local jurisdictions, WSDOT, and legislators as they determine priorities and ultimate funding for future projects.

Why is WSDOT studying this section of US 395?
US 395 is an urban-principal highway within the area of the study, and is a highway of statewide significance running through Kennewick and Pasco.

It is a major north to south corridor transporting people and goods within and through Kennewick and Pasco.

The Corridor Planning Study (CPS) area in Kennewick operates as a city street for commuters with intersections connecting to major retail, commercial and residential areas.

The CPS area in Pasco includes one full interchange, one-half interchange, and one interchange with only an exit ramp. The interchanges connect to three major city streets serving a variety of businesses and residential areas.

The study will examine the 7.5 miles between I-82 and I-182, with a major focus on the section from I-82 to the SR 240 interchange, mileposts 13.05 to 18.32. The purpose of the CPS is to produce multiple tiered transportation solutions that will improve safety and mobility for freight, commuters, pedestrians, and bicyclists and improve the economic vitality of the surrounding area.

The End Result
WSDOT will produce a list of solutions and recommendations addressing the corridor needs for the 20-year vision on US 395. Recommendations will be prioritized in lower, medium, and higher cost options, allowing for incremental implementation as funding becomes available. The plan will guide WSDOT as we prioritize and construct projects.

Project Benefits
The CPS will produce a plan for US 395 that will help WSDOT determine the best way to meet current and future travel needs. The solutions will range from low cost to high cost projects and will be prioritized. This section of Kennewick is developing very quickly and the City recognizes the importance of having a plan in place so that they do not permit or allow developments that will adversely affect this overall corridor.

What is the project timeline?
We began the study in the fall of 2009. The Yakima Planning office finished the Draft Study in 2014.

Final Draft will be released for public review and comment after WSDOT Headquarter office approves the draft for format and content.

US 395 - I-82 to I-182 Corridor Study Draft (pdf 8.6 mb)

Financial Information
WSDOT has partially funded the study. Strategies identified in the draft study are not currently funded.

How can I get more information?
Paul Gonseth
Planning Engineer
WSDOT South Central project office
2809 Rudkin Road
Union Gap, WA 98903