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  • Kerri Woehler, Multimodal Planning Division Director
  • Bill Bennion, Communications & Engagement Planner


Multimodal Transportation Planning

Example of multimodal planning
Bikes, walking, buses and cars are all part of multimodal planning.

Planning Resources

Planning Policy and Partnerships

Development and implementation of planning policies, guidance and community planning resources

Tribal and Regional Coordination

MPO/RTPO Program Management, Tribal and Regional Coordination, Outreach, and Support

Transportation Data and GIS

Spatial data and analysis, application development, technical support, GIS training

Current Plans, Studies & Guidance 

Community Engagement Plan (pdf 2.5 mb)
Washington Transportation Plan Phase 2 - Implementation (Long-Range Transportation Plan Update)

2007-2026 Washington Transportation Plan (Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan) (pdf 7.6 mb)

Highway System Plan

Highway System Plan 2007-2026 (pdf 20 mb)

WSDOT's Process for Consulting with Non-Metropolitan Local Officials, Tribes, and Federal Land Management Agencies
(pdf 667 k)

Planning Archives and Studies

Current Planning Studies

Current Modal Plans

Archived Planning Studies

Joint Transportation Committee Studies: underway and completed