Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan Resources


The following resources assist cities and counties with their Growth Management Act (GMA) Comprehensive Plan Updates.

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Transportation Efficient Communities 

WSDOT, Commerce, Ecology and Health have a shared interest in supporting local government efforts to produce efficient travel and land use patterns. Local comprehensive plans are the cornerstones of community decisions that affect where people and businesses locate and how they travel to meet their daily needs. Once decisions are made, they are difficult to reconsider. Right now, local governments are updating their comprehensive plans and state agencies have a limited window to provide assistance to cities and counties interested in becoming more transportation efficient. Honoring the state’s commitment to the Principles of Correspondence, WSDOT, Commerce, Ecology and Health agree to engage local governments early and coordinate our technical assistance for transportation efficient communities so the state speaks to local governments with one voice.

Read the Transportation Efficient Communities folios on the Transportation Efficient Communities webpage.

Learn more about Transportation Funding Sources in Washington State (pdf 453 kb).

Transportation Efficient Communities Free Webinar Series:

#1: Multimodal Integration
September 9, 2015

#2: Bikeability, Walkability, and Physical Activity
October 27, 2015

#3: How Local Agencies can Plan for Transit
February 18, 2016

#4: Meaningful Engagement Tips from Successful Regional Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations
April 19, 2016


Under the GMA, concurrency is one of 14 goals local governments must consider in land use planning. Concurrency is intended to ensure public facilities and services are adequate to serve new development at the time of occupancy without decreasing service levels below locally established minimum standards.

GMA leads for WSDOT Region Planning Office: WSDOT GMA Contacts (pdf 87 kb)

For additional assistance or questions of statewide interest, please contact Karena Houser, Economic and Land Use Branch Manager, 360.705.7876