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SR 202 - Sahalee Way to Duthie Hill Road Corridor Study - Complete July 2009

Project Status - Complete
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SR 202 CWG member at Aug. 21, 2007 meeting.

Corridor working group discussing SR 202 during a meeting.

WSDOT worked with representatives from local agencies and communities to identify potential transportation improvement projects for State Route 202 in east King County. The result of this collaborative effort is a list of nine projects that address safety, mobility, and preservation needs for an eight-mile stretch of SR 202 from Sahalee Way NE to Duthie Hill Road/292nd Avenue SE, near the city of Sammamish. See full report (pdf 56 mb).

The list of projects consists of roadway improvements such as adding a signal or left-turn lane at four intersections and widening shoulders and repairing or replacing drainage structures.

How much will these projects cost? 
The cost of the proposed recommendations total $52.9 million in 2007 dollars. The recommendations include preliminary project costs that were developed for planning purposes only and are a starting point for determining a final cost estimate for a proposed project. The preliminary project costs do not account for potential environmental mitigation, rising material costs or other unforeseen expenditures that may occur during design or construction. These factors may increase the final costs of individual projects. However, this list of requests provides the surrounding communities with a plan to present to their state and federal lawmakers when searching for funding for these projects.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
Identified projects that can help reduce the frequency and severity of collisions along the corridor.  
Car GlyphRelieves Congestion
Recommended transportation investments and operational strategies that would benefit drivers, transit, pedestrians and bicyclists that travel through the corridor. Identified intersection improvements that would reduce delay and enhance traffic flow.
Leaf Glyph Protects Environment
Proposed projects will maintain or improve air quality, protect or enhance fish-bearing streams and wetlands, and support regional environmental goals.

Partnerships & Cooperation
This study represents a shared plan between WSDOT and local partners to address safety and mobility issues on SR 202. The nine projects were developed and prioritized by WSDOT and a corridor working group (CWG) for SR 202 made up of representatives from the city of Sammamish, King County, and Puget Sound Regional Council. Corridor working group members also endorsed each of the projects which are based on technical analysis and input from commuters, recreational users, and local residents.


This study was funded through the following funding source:


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