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Walla Walla Valley MPO Designation Information

Walla Walla Valley MPO Designation

Date of Designation: Washington State Governor Inslee – March 27, 2013
Oregon State Governor Kitzhaber – April 4, 2013

A new bi-state MPO for the Walla Walla, WA and Milton-Freewater, OR UZA was designated by the Governors of Washington and Oregon on March 27, 2013 and April 4, 2013, respectively. MPOs are created through agreement among the local elected officials and the Governor(s), with a formal designated by the Governor(s). Under existing federal law (23 US Code 134), MPOs are responsible for all surface transportation planning and programming and must be established in all Census defined UZAs to qualify for federal surface transportation funding.

MPO Designation Information
The 2010 Census resulted in a new Urbanized Area (UZA) that requires formation of a new Bi-State Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – Walla Walla, WA & Milton-Freewater, OR. On September 25, 2012, the name "Walla Walla Valley MPO" was approved for the new Urbanized Area.

Member Agency Resolutions


Meeting #9
Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Milton-Freewater City Library
8 SW 8th Avenue
Milton-Freewater, OR

Meeting #9 is an All Day Work Session, including:

  • Update on the MPO designation process and interim MPO activities
  • Orientation to the WWVMPO Interim Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013
  • Overview of work activities and tasks to be undertaken by the MPO after designation
  • Preliminary discussion on Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) membership and the process for adding new members in the future
  • Preliminary discussion on WWVMPO Policy Board recurring meeting dates

Meeting Materials

Meeting #8
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
2 pm to 4 pm
Walla Walla Police Facility
54 East Moore Street (Chuck Fulton Community Room)
Walla Walla, WA

The goals of meeting #8 include:

  • Member agency reports on status of Interlocal Agreement resolutions
  • Identify policy board members - one from each member organization
  • Discuss the status of the MPO designation process
  • Confirm February meeting date and workshop scope
  • Discuss additional next steps and work activities of the MPO in 2013

Meeting Materials

January 8, 2013 meeting agenda (pdf 14 kb)
Presentation (pdf 490 kb)

Meeting #7
Thursday, November 29, 2012
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
College Place Fire Department, 625 South College Avenue
College Place, WA

The goals of Meeting #7 are to:

  • Approve the Bylaws.
  • Approve the Interlocal Agreement.
  • Resolve issues and adopt the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) map.
  • Discuss MPO Designation Packet that will be sent to the Governors of Oregon and Washington.
  • Discuss next steps and work activities of the MPO.

Meeting Materials

Meeting #6
Thursday, November 8, 2012
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Milton-Freewater City Library
8 SW 8th Avenue, Milton-Freewater, OR

The goals of the meeting are to:

  • Arrive at consensus on voting and dues structures.
  • Discuss and adopt Bylaws.
  • Resolve issues and finalize key content of Interlocal Agreement for respective agency review and signature.
  • Resolve issues and adopt Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) map.

Meeting Materials

Meeting #5
October 16, 2012
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Walla Walla County Public Health and Legislative Building
314 W Main Street, Room #214 Second Floor
Walla Walla (Directly across from Walla Walla County Courthouse)

Attendees may park on Main Street and access the second floor via stairs or an elevator. Please note that parking on Main Street is limited. Additional parking is available at the back of the building, in the county-owned lot located off Rose Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. From that parking lot access to the second floor is via stairs only.

Meeting Materials

Meeting #4
September 25, 2012
1:30 pm to 4 pm
College Place Fire Department
625 South College Avenue
College Place, WA

The goals for this meeting are to:

  • Share status update on signed resolutions from participating agencies.
  • Finalize the Scope of Work for the Interim Lead Agency.
  • Discuss and finalize MPO name.
  • Discuss membership structure and Interlocal agreement.
  • Discuss bylaws.
  • Define a target schedule for next steps.
  • Continue sharing MPO designation information.

Meeting Materials:

Meeting #3
August 23, 2012
1:30 pm to 4 pm
Albee Room
Milton-Freewater City Library
8 S.W. 8th Ave
Milton-Freewater, OR

The goals for this meeting are to:

  • Continue sharing MPO designation information;
  • Share a status update on the local lead entity to coordinate the designation process;
  • Identify primary and secondary contacts for each jurisdiction, agency, organization, and tribe;
  • Define a target schedule for next steps; and
  • Discuss membership structure and the interlocal agreement.

Meeting Materials:

Meeting #2
July 24, 2012
9am to 11am
Chuck Fulton Community Room
Walla Walla Police Station
54 East Moore Street
Walla Walla, WA

This second meeting will continue the discussion with local agencies. The goal for this meeting is to identify a potential local organization or agency and individuals to lead the designation process. By statute, it is the responsibility of the local elected officials in the UZA to form the MPO and request designation from the Governors. The roles of WSDOT, ODOT, FHWA, and FTA are to provide guidance and support local efforts to form the MPO.

Meeting Materials:

Meeting #1
June 27, 2012
The first meeting was held in Walla Walla on June 27, 2012 to begin the process. Representatives from Benton-Franklin Council of Governments (BFCG), WSDOT, ODOT, and FHWA held an informational exchange with local governments, transit providers, tribes, and organizations to explain the federal requirements, timelines, and to answer questions. There was a large turnout of participants.

Meeting Materials:

Designation Information

The Washington State Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Federal Transit Authority are providing information to local leaders and transportation providers within Walla Walla County in Washington and Umatilla County in Oregon to inform their decision-making process to become a designated MPO.

MPO Designation FAQs:

Documents for MPO Membership Review, Adoption and/or Signature: 

Resolutions Adopted by Foundational MPO Members: