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Mailing List

To facilitate communication between users and developers of Alternate Route Software WSDOT is hosting a mailing list.

Joining the List

List subscription is handled through your web browser. Go to http://lists.wsdot.wa.gov/guest/RemoteListSummary/ARP_L, enter your e-mail address, and press the submit button. A very confusing conformation page will be displayed. Don't worry, everything is fine. We don't want someone to add your name to the list if you don't really want to be on it, so a second step is required to verify your desire to be on the list.

A few minutes after you submit your request to join the list, the list server will send you an e-mail with some detailed instructions. To confirm your subscription, simply reply to the message. The list server will send you one final e-mail confirming your subscription.

Posting Messages

To post messages to the list, simply address e-mail to ARP-L@lists.wsdot.wa.gov

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