Prequalification Resources


Standard Questionnaire (PDF 593kb) - Updated 2/16/15

Small Works Roster Application (PDF 151kb) - Updated 2/16/15

Small Works Roster Supplement - Only for Contractors that are currently Prequalified - Updated 9/4/14

Supplemental Questionnaire - Only for renewal of currently prequalified contractors. Renewal letter sent to company will indicate if this form is acceptable. A Standard Questionnaire is required every third year of renewal - Updated 2/16/15

Authorized Signature Form (PDF 138kb) Updated 2/16/15

Sample Parent Firm Allocation of Net Worth (PDF 30kb) Updated 2/16/15

Individual Project Statement of Joint Venture (PDF 14kb) Updated 2/16/15

Contractor Prequalification Questionnaire and Affidavit for Contracts Under $100,000(PDF 62kb) Updated 4/22/15


Work Class Descriptions (PDF 91kb)

Currently Prequalified Contractors
The prequalification status of contractors on this list is subject to change at any time!

The WSDOT Prequalification analyst is responsible for the prequalification of Contractors to bid as a Prime on WSDOT Highway construction projects.

Please direct your questions and submittals to:

Kari Beardslee, Contractor Prequalification
Phone: (360) 705-7837
Fax: (360) 705-6966

Washington Law RCW 47.28.070 as implemented by Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 468.16 Prequalification of Contractors, requires the Department of Transportation, before furnishing any person, firm, or corporation desiring to bid upon any work for which a call for bid proposals has been published with a contract proposal form, require from the person, firm, or corporation, answers to questions contained in a standard form of questionnaire and financial statement, including a complete statement of the financial ability and experience of the person, firm or corporation in performing state highway, road, or other public work. Bid proposals upon any construction or improvement of any state highway shall be made upon contract proposal form supplied by the department and in no other manner. For a firm showing a net worth in excess of one hundred thousand dollars, the applicant must provide, with the questionnaire, a copy of its financial statement as audited or reviewed for its last fiscal year, prepared in accordance with the standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The statement must be prepared by an independent certified public accountant registered and licensed under the laws of any state. Balance sheets, income statements, a statement of retained earnings, supporting schedules and notes, and the opinion of the independent auditor must accompany the financial statement.

Financial information supplied by, or on behalf of, an applicant for the purpose of qualification shall not be made available for public inspection and copying pursuant to RCW 47.28.075. The foregoing restriction shall not prohibit the department’s providing such information in evidence or in pretrial discovery in any court action or administrative hearing involving the department and a contractor. Insofar as permitted by public disclosure statutes, qualification ratings shall be treated as confidential information.


Apply for Prequalification with WSDOT

You can begin this process by downloading the Standard Questionnaire and Financial Statement form. This form must be properly completed, executed, signed, and submitted to the address indicated on the form. There is no fee for prequalification.

The Standard Questionnaire and Financial Statement form is a PDF file and will require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. If you are having problems printing the questionnaire from the Adobe Acrobat Reader, try using a PostScript printer driver. After you have printed the form, remember to return to your previously installed printer driver. Should you be unable to print the questionnaire you may send your company name, address, and telephone number with a request for a hard copy to:


Supplemental Questionnaire

Contractors who are renewing or need to submit additional information to the Department regarding structural changes (e.g., officer, ownership, incorporation, etc.) can download the Contractor Prequalification Supplemental Questionnaire and Financial Statement (PDF 173kb). Please review the form carefully as you may be required to submit the Standard Questionnaire and Financial Statement form. If you are unsure of which form you need to use, please contact Kari Beardslee at (360) 705-7837.


DBE or MWBE Certification

Information about certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise or Minority Women's Business Enterprise may be obtained by contacting the Office of Minority Women's Business Enterprises (OMWBE) at (360) 664-9750 or toll free at (866) 208-1064.