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Woodland State Airport (WSDOT- Managed)

City:  Woodland 
ID:  W27

  All State Airports Image - Woodland/Woodland State/W27    

Watch for additional future airport maintenance activities spring/summer 2013/14

  • Runway edge gravel repairs. Completed.
  • Runway crack sealing and edge repairs. Sept/Oct 2013
  • New pilot tables and camp fire rings. Sept/Oct 2013
  • New portable toilet. Spring 2014 
  • Please check back for specific updates and times. 
    Woodland State Airport Hangar Assessment
    WSDOT Aviation has recently conducted a series of structural analyses on the hangars at Woodland State Airport.  These analyses were prompted by concerns regarding the buildings' structural integrity, and the safety of the tenants and aircraft. 

    For more information, please read the following reports: 

    Structural Examination Report
    Hangar Alternatives Analysis Report
    Part 77 Obstruction Review Report

    Please submit any comments regarding the attached documents by January 31, 2009 to Paul Wolf at , or 360-651-6313.



Midway between Kelso and Vancouver is an excellent example of a state airport turning into a community airport. Woodland's value is extremely hard to place, but must be considered high. In the last decade Woodland has gone from a little dirt and grass track, to a lighted, paved 1,953 foot asphalt strip. There are fine restaurants and motels within walking distance, and other city functions. The Lewis River runs along the east edge of the field and steelhead fishing common. Swimming is not recommended due to unexpected water level fluxuations and resulting current from the upstream dam.  Interstate 5 runs along the west edge and ground transportation is easy to find.

The airport is open year around, except for times when the river level exceeds the field elevation. There are obstructing trees along the banks of the river to the east, and the Interstate and sign brige is significantly higher than the airport on the west. The approach from the north contains powerlines, and the city sewer plant. The approach from the south has trees and a bridge. One caution: When there are strong winds from the east, the turbulence can be severe, and landing impossible. Overflight to check field conditions is recommended.

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