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Gray Notebook 56

The Gray Notebook
, WSDOT's primary performance report for the department's program and project acitivities, is now available for the quarter ending December 31, 2014, as a PDF (5.1 mb).

WSDOT Accountability & Performance Information

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More than a decade of transparency

WSDOT’s accountability challenge is to be a high performance organization credible and accountable to the Governor, Legislature, taxpayers, and transportation delivery partners across the state. The Gray Notebook anchors WSDOT’s management philosophy and is the basis for external performance reporting. 

The Gray Notebook is in its second decade as WSDOT's primary transportation system performance report, and is recognized nationally as setting a high standard for accessible, accurate updates on programs and projects. The public expects and deserves a return on the investment they have made in our transportation system, and WSDOT will continue to be transparent and accountable, reporting on the results of the services it provides. The Gray Notebook is one of WSDOT's best tools for demonstrating that taxpayer dollars are being used for projects that provide real benefits. The agency's ability to make transportation investments in the future relies on its continued credible, transparent, and accountable reporting.

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The Gray Notebook

WSDOT keeps people and business moving by operating and improving the state's transportation systems vital to our taxpayers and communities.