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Regional Mobility Grants Program Guidebook

Updated July 2015

Guide (pdf 938 kb)
This document combines the introduction and chapters 1-4. For individual chapters, please click on the links below.

  • Introduction (pdf 145 kb)
    Contents list and overview, resources, and contacts
  • Chapter 1 (pdf 115 kb)
    All Projects Grants contracts, relationships with employees and officers of WSDOT, matching funds, project records, reimbursement request procedure
  • Chapter 2 (pdf 142 kb)
    Operating Projects Eligible services and expenses
  • Chapter 3 (pdf 72 kb)
    Capital Vehicle and Equipment Projects Eligible services and expenses, procurement records and retention, vehicle titles and retention, vehicle and equipment management, asset management, insurance requirements, damages and repairs, change of use
  • Chapter 4 (pdf 100 kb)
    Construction Projects Project requirements, conducting procurement requirements, procurement records and retention, facility maintenance and management, asset management, insurance
  • Appendix A (pdf 100 kb)
    Reimbursement Request Instructions and Forms
  • Appendix B (pdf 109 kb)
    Capital Equipment and Vehicle Grant Reimbursement Request
  • Appendix C (pdf 193 kb)
    Capital Construction Grant Reimbursement Request
  • Appendix D (pdf 71 kb)
    Operating Grants Reimbursement Request
  • Appendix E (pdf 278 kb)
    Abbreviations and Definitions
  • Appendix F (pdf 125 kb)
  • Appendix G (pdf 131 kb)
    Capital Construction Projects Quarterly Progress Report
  • Appendix H (pdf 180 kb)
    Procurement Inspection Forms
  • Appendix I (pdf 158 kb)
    Project Visit Checklist
  • Appendix J (pdf 44 kb)
    Progress and Statistical Reporting
  • Appendix K (pdf 89 kb)
    Vehicle Disposition Schedule