I-405 Express Toll Lanes - Toll Rates

I-405 examplel toll signI-405 Toll Rates YouTube Video

Watch a short video about how to read the signs.

How do toll rates work?
Electronic signs post the toll rate based on destination and automatically adjust depending on real-time traffic conditions.

As more vehicles enter or exit the lanes at designated access points, toll rates adjust so that traffic moves at least 45 miles per hour in the express toll lane. Toll rates are based on speeds and traffic volumes in the express toll lanes, and take into account volumes in the general purpose lanes.

The minimum toll rate is 75 cents and the maximum is $10.

See when you can use the I-405 express toll lanes free of charge at Who Can Use the Lanes.

How much will I pay?
You'll see up to three toll rates on a sign prior to entering the express toll lanes. You'll pay the rate you see upon entering the express toll lanes for your commute destination, even if you see a higher toll rate for your destination further down the road. Learn more about entry and exit points.

The rates displayed on the roadway signs are for any point up to and including the listed destination. Once you pass a listed destination you pay the rate for the next destination you saw on the sign when you entered.

Toll rates displayed are for drivers paying with a Good To Go! pass. If you use the express toll lanes without a Good To Go! pass account, the vehicle's registered owner will receive a Pay By Mail toll bill for an additional $2 per toll.

View current toll rates on the I-405 express toll lanes.

What if there's a collision?
If a collision or roadwork blocks all lanes except the express toll lanes, we stop collecting tolls and allow all vehicles (with or without a Good To Go! pass) to use the lanes. The signs would note the lanes are "OPEN TO ALL." Signs will note that the lanes are "CLOSED" to all traffic if the express toll lanes are blocked.

How are toll rates set?
The Washington State Transportation Commission sets toll rate maximum and minimums for the I-405 express toll lanes.

Where does revenue go?
On average, 40 percent of Good To Go! tolls paid on I-405 go toward toll collection. This includes costs for program customer support, transaction processing, vendor costs, enforcement and transponders. Credit card fees are a significant portion of administrative costs, followed by printing and postage.

The other 60 percent of the tolls go into a dedicated fund for future I-405 improvements as approved by the state Legislature. The dedicated funds will be reinvested into the corridor.