WSDOT Building Asset Management -- An Exploratory Case Study: Impact of Failures at the Corson Avenue TEF Shop on WSDOT Services

The mission of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is to keep people and business moving by operating and improving the state’s transportation systems vital to our taxpayers and communities. Traditionally, the Department has focused its efforts on the transportation systems. However, a growing portfolio of transportation assets is burdening an old and often outdated portfolio of building assets that support WSDOT core mission and house employees, who design, construct, maintain, and operate state highways.

The capacity and condition of these building assets are critically challenged by the failure of various building systems, which, when they happen, can be very disruptive or even hazardous to WSDOT daily operations. Considering the long overdue preservation and replacement of these assets, there is an urgent need to (1) understand how the asset performance influences the various functions that support the Department’s core mission, (2) identify the impact of alternative funding levels upon building asset performance, and (3) prioritize the Department’s funding decisions in order to fulfill its core mission through a safe and sustainable working environment.

This research project is the first step in a series of potential research projects designed to develop an in-depth understanding of building asset management processes, challenges, and opportunities for WSDOT. This project is an exploratory case study focusing on the Vehicle Repair Shop in the Northwest Region Maintenance Facility in South Seattle. This shop was built in 1954 and is located in a site complex with 33 separate structures, totaling 114,025 SF of space that houses staff and equipment for the maintenance and operation of state highways.

The analysis outcomes show that failures occurring at the TEF (Transportation Equipment Fund) shop can significantly affect its ability to service the department’s vehicles and equipment. Given the importance of some of these vehicles and equipment in operating the state’s transportation system, failures at the TEF shop can also significantly affect WSDOT’s ability to fulfill its mission.

Publication Date: 
Sunday, June 30, 2013
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WA-RD 824.1
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08/23/2017 - 09:16
Omar El-Anwar, Giovanni Migliaccio, Ken-Yu Lin, Umberto Gatti, Yvonne Medina.
Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC)
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Structures, Asset management, Facilities, Transportation facility operations, Serviceability of specific facilities or equipment, Safety, Work environment, Maintenance facilities, Case studies.