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State Route 105: Benefit - Cost Analysis

Description: The State Route 105 Emergency Stabilization project, completed in September of 1997, was an effort to protect the sole road into the North Cove area of Washington State—Route 105—from imminent destruction due to shore erosion. The report provides an assessment of: project impacts on local fish habitat; the projected timing and costs of future beach renourish; and a strategy to provide better analysis of potential environmental impacts for future emergency projects.

  • Date Published: June, 2005
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 626.1
  • Last Modified: April 5, 2007
  • Authors: Northern Economics (Firm), Coastal Geologic Services, Western Washington University, Fairbanks Environmental Services, Inc..
  • Originator: Northern Economics (Firm)
  • # of Pages: 127 p., 2,282 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Soil conservation, Erosion control, Groins (Hydraulics), Dikes, Scour, Ecosystems, Habitat (Ecology), Environmental impacts, Fishes, Beaches, Benefit cost analysis.
  • Keywords: SR 105, Road stabilization, fish habitat, beach nourishment, beach renourishment, benefit-cost.
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