SWIFT: Seattle Wide-area Information For Travelers, Consumer Acceptance Study

The Seattle Wide-area Information For Travelers (SWIFT) Operational Test was intended to evaluate the performance of a large-scale, urban Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) deployment in the Seattle area. With the majority of the SWIFT system completed by June 30, 1996, the SWIFT Field Operational Test (FOT) evaluation was conducted from July 1, 1996 through September 20, 1997. The unique features of the SWIFT ATIS included the provision of information for multiple transportation modes, the delivery of this information using three different devices and the use of FM sideband as the primary communications medium. A total of 690 system users were recruited during the course of the study, including 520 Seiko MessageWatch users, 90 users of the Delco in-vehicle navigation device and 80 users of the SWIFT portable computers.
The SWIFT Consumer Acceptance Study was one of the five component studies to the overall system evaluation. This report details the findings for the SWIFT Consumer Acceptance Study based on the evaluation objectives that were identified in the SWIFT Evaluation Plan (1995). The primary objectives of the SWIFT Consumer Acceptance Study were to assess the following: Importance of traveler information in travel planning; Usefulness of SWIFT traveler information in travel planning; Minimum set of user services and device features required to provide viable product and services; User perceptions of SWIFT device usefulness; Willingness-to-pay for different services; User perceptions of changes in travel convenience and efficiency; and User perceptions of changes in traffic congestion, air quality, energy consumption, and safety. Additional SWIFT Consumer Acceptance Study objectives, conducted in support of the SWIFT Architecture Study, were to assess the following: SWIFT system reliability from a user perspective; and SWIFT system availability from a user perspective.
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Sunday, October 18, 1998
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WA-RD 462.2
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10/12/2016 - 15:41
Jeffrey Trombly, Bruce Wetherby, Andrew Dixson.
Science Applications International Corporation.
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Advanced traveler information systems, Consumer behavior, Field tests, Operations, Reliability, Supply.