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Research Reports

PCC Mix Design


Properties of portland cement concrete (PCC) mixes, including workability, strength, durability, and abrasion resistance, are discussed along with the specific mix factors that affect each property. The mix design process is then discussed and the effect of each ingredient on PCC properties is explained. Chemical and mineral admixtures are included. The adequacy and limitations of the WSDOT mix design procedure are addressed. Recommendations for special considerations such as long transit times, high early strengths, and qualification of aggregates by non-standard methods are presented.


  • Date Published: March, 1989
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 176.1
  • Last Modified: September 14, 2007
  • Author: Donald J. Janssen.
  • Originator: Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC)
  • # of Pages: 52 p., 1,171 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Abrasion resistance, Admixtures, Concrete, Concrete aggregates, Durability, Mix design, Portland cement concrete, Strength of materials, Workability.
  • Keywords: PCC, strength, durability, abrasion, resistance, admixtures, aggregates.
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