Regional Computer Assisted Cartography Conferences: Summary

This document is a position paper prepared in conjunction with two cartographic workshops sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The first of these was hosted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation on September 15-17, 1987. The second was hosted in Olympia, Washington, by the Washington Department of Transportation on September 22-24, 1987.

The author would like to thank the staffs of the Washington DOT, the Pennsylvania DOT, and the FHWA for their assistance and cooperation in the preparation of this paper and the hosting to the workshops. A thanks also goes to the vendors for their efforts to make these sessions a success by providing state-of-the-art demonstrations. One last thanks to the many DOT friends with whom the author has had discussions at DEEP, AASHTO, and now the two conferences. Some of those thoughts and ideas are inherent and portrayed in this paper.

The workshops provided the DOT cartographic community with an opportunity:

  1. To see and discuss with vendors the latest state-of-the-art in automated cartographic equipment and/or processes.
  2. To discuss with their peers the various approaches to the implementation of a Geographic Information System for Transportation-Cartography (GIST-C).
  3. To identify common actions or viewpoints among the DOT cartographers that will assist the cartographers in advancing their contribution to the DOT.
  4. To establish some recommendation that will establish the continuation of the type of forum associated with these workshops on an annual basis.

A Draft Position Paper similar to that presented herein was composed to act as a starting point for the conferences. Except for Section XII, The Position Paper presented herein is a composite of that Draft and additions/modifications gathered at the two conferences. Section XII, Observations and Conclusions, represents strictly an assessment of the observations of the two conferences by the author.

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Monday, August 1, 1988
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WA-RD 162.1
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