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Research Reports

Rest Area Wastewater Disposal


Research was concerned with developing alternative methods of wastewater disposal in highway department safety rest areas. Existing and planned rest area installations were studied to establish critical operating parameters and relative effectiveness of existing waste disposal systems. State-of-the-art systems and various additives were examined and tested to determine if system efficiency can be increased. Recommendations were made as to disposal systems which are suited to the conditions existing in rest areas, including the desirable and undesirable features of each system considered.

  • Date Published: January, 1972
  • Publication Number: WA-RD 9.4
  • Last Modified: July 9, 2007
  • Authors: Robert O. Sylvester, Robert W. Seabloom.
  • Originator: University of Washington. Dept. of Civil Engineering.
  • # of Pages: 83 p., 3,867 KB (PDF)
  • Subject: Highways, Roadside rest areas, Septic tanks, Sewage, Sewage disposal, Sewage treatment, Sewerage, Toilet facilities, Waste disposal, Water quality.
  • Keywords: Bacterial waste disposers, rest areas, septic tanks, sewage,sewerage, toilets, wastewater, wastewater disposal.
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