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SR 283 - Winchester Wasteway - Bridge Deck Repair - Complete April 2006

Project completed April 28th, 2006
View entire map This bridge deck rehabilitation is located at Mile Post 9.2 in Grant County, 9 miles north of I-90, between George and Ephrata.

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A new smoother bridge deck, following construction.
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An example of the deterioration of the old bridge deck.


This project was completed April 28th, 2006.


This Structure Preservation Program Project rehabilitated the deteriorating bridge deck on the SR 283 Winchester Wasteway Bridge in Grant County.

Why is WSDOT rehabilitate this bridge deck?
The bridge was constructed in 1953.  The deck was experiencing cracking and spalling concrete, and exposed reinforcing steel.  In March 2004, testing showed approx. 41% of the deck area experiencing deterioration, with 2% being the threshold to consider repair and/or overlay.  Deck repair and overlay were required to preserve the deck.

The End Result
The deck repair will removed approximatley 1/2" of deteriorating concrete, and added a 1-1/2" deep concrete overlay to provide a smoother, safer ride.

Project Benefits

  • Preserves bridge life while minimizing ongoing repair costs
  • Reduces likelihood deck replacement will be required in the future
  • Replaced current cracked, patched, spalling surface with new smooth surface
  • Provides additional cover over reinforcing steel to decrease surface cracking
  • Improves structural integrity

What is the project timeline?
Construction began April 4th and was complete on April 28th, 2006.

Financial Information

Two bids were opened on December 15th, 2005.  On December 19th, contract #7069 was awarded to Concrete Barrier, Inc. of Mukilteo for $416,134.00, 10% under the engineering estimate.  This project was combined with the US 97 South of Omak Bridge Deck Repair project and the contract covered both.
This project was funded through the following sources:

  • Pre-Existing Gas Tax - $325,000
  • Total funding from all sources - $325,000

How can I get more information?
Project Engineer Mike Fleming
WSDOT North Central Region
P.O. Box 98
Wenatchee, WA 98807
Phone:  (509) 667-2870 or toll free (888) 461-8816

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