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North Central Region NewsBrief


September 1, 2017

In this issue:

o On the Road

o Follow-up File

o Behind the Curtain

o Olympia

On the Road


Warden Community Days Sept 2

Guns & Roses - Gorge Concert Sept 3

Chelan County Fair - Cashmere Sept. 7-10

Quincy Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival Sept 8-9

Adams County Fair - Othello Sept 14-17

Deutschesfest - Odessa Sept 15-17

Orange Cones


RAB Opens Wednesday Morning

The Roundabout in East Wenatchee at SR 28 and 5th St. NE opened to traffic Wednesday morning, three weeks and two days after construction began on Aug. 7.

It’s going to take another couple weeks for the new pavement to cure so the permanent pavement markings can replace the temporary stripes and the landscaping will not be done for a few weeks when it gets a little cooler and wetter.

Thank you for your patience and the many compliments on how quickly it was constructed.

While the NoSeeUm Road Roundabout on SR 150 in Chelan is still about three months from completion, traffic will be using parts of it before then. Paving has begun on No See Um Road, the roundabout itself and the West, North and South legs leading to it. This will enable traffic to be switched over from the detour that utilizes a portion of Golf Course Road.

Check this Roundabout page for how they work.

Check our Region’s Weekly Construction Update and Travel Advisory for details on all the projects underway.

Work Underway on Snoqualmie Pass:

Follow Up File

Bike Intersection Sensors

bike sign SR 28/19th NE

As the construction on Baker St. and Sunset Highway at 19th St. NE winds down, the route for bicyclists heading to the Apple Capital Loop Trail will once again be fully open and free from construction obstructions. A few months ago, new sensors were installed so bicycles and light motorcycles and scooters will trigger the signals just like cars do. In the past, most riders chose to dismount and push their bikes as pedestrians using the crosswalks. The new signs advising cyclists to stay in their lane were installed in August.

Volunteers Needed to Count People who Bike and Walk

sepia bicyclists

Volunteer registration is now open .About 400 people are needed. In 2016, volunteers tallied more than 78,000 people biking and walking across Washington. For this ninth annual survey, WSDOT and Cascade Bicycle Club are partnering with FeetFirst, Washington Bikes and Futurewise to help count the number of people bicycling and walking Tuesday, Sept. 26, through Thursday, Sept. 28. Data collected is used by state and local agencies to estimate demand and measure the benefit of bicycle and pedestrian project investments.

Behind the Curtain

New Region Office Update

30 percent on Sept 1

WSDOT's new North Central Region Administration and Project Engineering Building is changing the skyline at our Olds Station campus as construction continues. A rough estimate is between 30 and 40 percent complete. Crews began pouring the building’s second floor on Sept. 6. Work to start the interior framing comes after that as does installation of roof panels. Halloween is the target to have the building enclosed so the interior construction can continue through the winter.

Construction began April 24 and should be complete March 31, 2018. Once the building is complete, IT cabling/hardware and furniture installation will occur with occupancy expected in late May 2018. When the move is complete, the current Wenatchee Avenue Region Office property, following any necessary environmental cleanup/remediation, will be sold and returned to the City of Wenatchee tax roll.

This new North Central Region (NCR) Administration Building is the final phase of the master development plan for the NCR Complex at Euclid Avenue that also includes the region's shops for mechanics, carpenters, bridge crew, sign crew, electricians, radio technicians, parts and supplies and our NCR Area One Maintenance facilities.

The new two-story building will house both the Region Office staff and the Project Engineering staff. The 1930’s era administration building on Wenatchee Avenue is in poor condition and prohibitively expensive to renovate. The project engineering modular buildings at Olds Station were only intended to be temporary when acquired in 1984. They were torn down making space for where the new building is going up.

Co-locating staff, facilities and functions will save WSDOT money by improving efficiency.

The project design-build contract was awarded to Garco Const. Inc. of Spokane on Oct. 3, 2016, and the project is currently on schedule and on budget.


Back to School

school speed sign

As students in North Central Washington headed back to school this week, drivers are reminded to use extra caution to ensure kids get to school safely.

“School Zones” have a 20 mile-per-hour speed limit when lights are flashing or children are present. All speed related fines double in “School Zones.” Failure to stop for a bus with flashing red lights and stop paddle will result in a $419 ticket.

Drivers must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and should not block intersections. Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians.

Whether children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus, they, and the motorists around them, must take proper precautions.


  • Walk on the sidewalk; if there isn’t one, walk facing traffic.
  • Use marked crosswalks when available.
  • Before crossing, stop, look left, right and left again to see if cars are coming.
  • Never run out in front of a parked car.
  • Never walk while texting or talking on the phone.
  • Do not walk while using headphones.

Bike Riders:

  • Wear a proper helmet.
  • Know the rules of the road: Ride single file on the right side of the road in the direction with traffic, come to a complete stop before crossing the street and walk the bike across.
  • Watch for opening car doors and other hazards.
  • Use hand signals when turning.
  • Wear bright-colored clothing.

Bus Riders:

• Line up 6 feet away from the curb as the bus approaches.

• Wait for the bus to stop completely before approaching it.

• Make eye contact with the bus driver before crossing in front of the bus.

For more information about driver safety and other WSP informational videos, visit .

Final Notes

Labor Day is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. In preparing for this holiday weekend, State Troopers will be bolstering their emphasis patrols and allocating resources to get personnel in the areas with peak traffic volumes and calls for service.

At the same time, the fire season continues to be very active and we have continued the messaging on our overhead electronic message signs reminding everyone to be aware and careful.

Be safe this Labor Day weekend. The NewsBrief is taking a few weeks off. Back on the first day of fall, Sept. 22.

Dan Sarles

Regional Administrator, WSDOT North Central Region

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