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Apple Capitol Loop Trail - Surplus Property Exhibits

Apple Capitol Loop Trail sign  

Updated: Fall 2016 

Currently 5 of 10 surplus properties have been sold.

The supplemental state transportation budget (ESHB 2190 Sec.213(4)), approved by the legislature in March, 2012 required the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to transfer ownership of the Apple Capitol Loop Trail (ACLT) that is within the City of East Wenatchee and Douglas County, to them. In June, 2013 the trail portions of all the ACLT parcels between the pipeline/pedestrian bridge and 19 th Street were transferred to the City of East Wenatchee and the portions of the trail parcels from the Odabashian Bridge to 19th Street were transferred to Douglas County.

The transfer to the City of East Wenatchee totaled approximately 23 acres. Approximately 44 acres was transferred to Douglas County. WSDOT will retain about 16.5 acres for current and future storm water treatment areas needed for future phases of the Eastside Corridor construction planned on Sunset Highway (SR 28), leaving about 77 acres declared surplus to be sold.

WSDOT spent a year finalizing the legal descriptions for the trail, trail heads and parking areas and establishing easements at various locations for irrigation lines, storm water pipes, utilities and any other necessary current and future accesses, prior to the transfer. The formal transfer of the trail was completed in June 2013, marked by a signing ceremony on the 25th.

As the transfer was complete and funding for the legal and leg work secured, the process required for selling the parcels of the remaining surplus properties is underway.

Three parcels within the East Wenatchee City limits were purchased by the city in 2014.

As other parcels are offered for sale public agencies such as East Wenatchee, Douglas County, a PUD,  as well as any current lessees of the parcels have first rights to purchase before a parcel is advertised for sale to the general public.

In the left column, links to maps of the trail segments show the portions of right of way being surplused.