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Amtrak Cascades Train Equipment

We are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to have some of the only European-style trains in the country. The train equipment, known for its comfort and performance, is manufactured by Talgo, a Spanish company that provides trains used throughout Europe.

Amtrak Train
Seven trains built by Talgo operate as the Amtrak Cascades.

Well-suited for the Pacific Northwest
Talgo trains are different from passenger trains typically used in the United States and Canada. They are articulated, which means the train cars operate as a set: adjacent cars share axles and wheels and function as a single, complete unit. This increases stability and improves safety and the smoothness of the ride. In addition, a gravity-based tilt system reduces travel times, while also assuring that passengers are comfortable and safe.

These features make them ideal for negotiating the curves on the Amtrak Cascades corridor. The trains also are visually-appealing, with a paint scheme of evergreen and cappuccino hues on a cream background, combined with distinctive tail fins that provide transition between the locomotives and the low slung trainsets. Panoramic windows are designed to showcase the spectacular Pacific Northwest views.

A typical Amtrak Cascades trainset seats approximately 250 passengers and typically consists of 13 train cars, including one baggage car; two business class (first-class) coaches; seven standard coaches; one bistro (cafe) car; one lounge car; and one service car that provides onboard electricity for the train.

Over the last ten years, WSDOT conducted a major interior renovation on all of the trainsets. Passenger cars were outfitted with new leather seating, updated interior color schemes and paneling, new flooring, and onboard Wi-Fi. The bistro and lounge cars received new floors, paint, upholstery, and refinished surfaces.

For more information about Amtrak Cascades trains and service and to buy tickets, visit the Amtrak Cascades website.