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Station Stop Policy

Policy Development

With advisory committee and stakeholder participation, WSDOT and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) developed a corridor-wide policy on station stops for Amtrak Cascades service. The Station Stop Policy  (pdf 129kb) was formally adopted on June 1, 2016. The policy and associated guidance establishes a process and approach for outlining the data and facts needed to determine the value and benefit of proposed station stop changes to the Amtrak Cascades corridor.

Policy Guidance

The Guidance Document details a three-step feasibility approach to the development and decision-making of station stop proposals:

Step 1: Concept Development 
         Defining and understanding the proposal
Step 2: Initial Feasibility
         Preliminary assessment
Step 3: Detailed Feasibility
         Comprehensive analysis

Community Engagement Process 

Between October 2015 and May 2016, WSDOT and ODOT convened a Station Stop Policy advisory committee comprised of 30 individuals representing government agencies, station owners, transit agencies, state legislatures, Amtrak, and host railroads from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. In addition, the agencies engaged key stakeholders, including regional and metropolitan planning organizations and passenger rail advocacy groups.


Corridor map showing Amtrak Cascades
train stations

Station Stop Policy Advisory Committee materials

Interim Policy 

The final Station Stop Policy builds off of an interim policy established in conjunction with the 2013  New Stop Evaluation – Auburn (pdf 1.7mb)  study. This study looked at the feasibility of adding an Amtrak Cascades stop at Sound Transit’s commuter rail station in Auburn. The evaluation criteria developed for the study was incorporated into the interim policy and was the first step toward establishing a transparent, fair process for communities to follow.

For more information contact

Jason Beloso
WSDOT - Rail Planning Manager

Jennifer Sellers
ODOT – PNWC Project Manager