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Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines

Description: The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is adopted by WSDOT as the legal standard. Principals set forth in Part VI of the MUTCD titled "Temporary Traffic Control" are represented in this booklet to provide traffic control guidance for common work operations.

The traffic control plans contained in this booklet are furnished as a guide to be used along with good judgment. Minor modifications may be made, as necessary, to accommodate site conditions; however, a plan's original intent must be maintained. An alternate plan should be considered if substantial revisions are needed.

  • Publication Number: M 54-44
  • Last Modified: February, 2012
  • Version: M 54-44.04
  • Manual Manager: Frank Newboles (360-705-7392) and Marty Weed (360-705-7293)
  • Originator: Traffic Operations Division
  • # of Pages: 104
  • Subject: Traffic control devices in work zones.
  • Keywords: safety, traffic control, work zone, intersection operations, mobile operations, traffic safety, flagging, traffic volumes in work zones, traffic control in work zones, short duration
  • Related Publications:
    Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Individual Chapters

Foreword (pdf 202 KB)
Contents (pdf 175 KB)

Chapter 1 General Information (pdf 451 KB)
Chapter 2 Stationary Work Zones (pdf 2 MB)
Chapter 3 Short Duration Work Zones (pdf 815 KB)
Chapter 4 Mobile Operations (pdf 428 KB)
Chapter 5 Intersection Operations (pdf 428 KB)
Chapter 6 Special Details and TCPs (pdf 1.4 MB)

Appendix 1-1 Taper/Channelizing Device Table (pdf 220 KB) 
Appendix 2-2 Channelizing Device Application Matrix (pdf 315 KB)
Appendix 3-3 Taper and Buffer Space Details (pdf 151 KB)

Revision History



Complete Manuals


2012 February

M 54-44.04

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2009 September

M 54-44.03

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2009 July

M 54-44.02

pdf (8.9 MB)

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2008 May

M 54-44.01

pdf (8.7 MB)

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2007 January

M 54-44

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2006 January

M 54-44

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2005 January

M 54-44

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