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Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction

Description: The Standard Specifications have been developed to serve as a baseline for the work that is delivered to the public by the Washington State Department of Transportation. 

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2016 Standard Specifications Amended April 3, 2017 (PDF 5.1 MB)
2016 Standard Specifications Amended January 3, 2017 (PDF 8.9 MB)
2016 Standard Specifications Amended August 1, 2016 (PDF 6.7 MB)
2016 Standard Specifications Amended April 4, 2016 (PDF 6.6 MB)
2016 Standard Specifications Amended January 3, 2016 (PDF 7.8 MB)

Specifications, Amendments, and GSPs 
Errata Page

Individual Chapters

(pdf 424 KB)

Contents (pdf 585 KB)

Division 1 General Requirements (pdf 1.2 MB)

Division 2 Earthwork (pdf 468 KB)

Division 3 Production From Quarry and Pit Sites and Stockpiling
                (pdf 453 KB)

Division 4 Bases (pdf 228 KB)

Division 5 Surface Treatments and Pavements (pdf 682 KB)

Division 6 Structures (pdf 1.9 MB)

Division 7 Drainage Structures, Storm Sewers, Sanitary Sewers,
                Water Mains, and Conduits (pdf 745 KB)

Division 8 Miscellaneous Construction (pdf 1.4 MB)

Division 9 Materials (pdf 1.7 MB)

(pdf 424 KB)

Comments (pdf 143 KB)


Revision History

2016 Standard Specifications (pdf 7.5 MB)
2014 Standard Specifications
(pdf 5.6 MB)
2012 Standard Specifications (pdf 5.6 MB)
2010 Standard Specifications
(pdf 4.6 MB)
2008 Standard Specifications (pdf 5.0 MB)
2006 Standard Specifications
(pdf 5.3 MB)
2004 Standard Specifications (pdf 4.6 MB)
2002 Standard Specifications (pdf 2.2 MB)
2000 Standard Specifications (pdf 2.2 MB)

Ordering Information

General public, contractors, consultants, cities, and counties

Publications Services no longer sells printed department manuals or publications to the general public, contractors, consultants, cities, or counties. This service is now available through the Washington State Department of Printing’s Fulfillment Center. Printed copies of the Department of Transportation’s most requested manuals are available through an online service called myFULFILLMENT. This is a secure website. Once you have established an account with them, you may purchase any product they have available.

WSDOT employees

Employees still can order manuals from Printing Services. All manuals can be downloaded and printed using a .pdf format without charge.


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