• Looking back on a year of great progress

    Less than 12 months ago, the tunneling machine Bertha was assembling tunnel rings beneath the Belltown neighborhood in Seattle. The machine was 2,500 feet away from the finish line near Seattle Center, with an estimated arrival of June 2017.
    So much has been accomplished in the past year, highlighted by Bertha’s arrival in April. Today all the rings are built and the tunneling machine is entirely disassembled. Inside the tunnel, the southbound deck is 99 percent complete and the northbound deck stretches over 2,400 feet.
    The contractor crews from Seattle Tunnel Partners completed far too much work this year to capture in one video, but here is a year-end review:

    Other highlights from a successful 2017:

    A big thank you to everyone who tuned in this year as we reported on the progress being made to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Stay with us for 2018 as we near completion of the tunnel!

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  • New virtual library will preserve Milepost 31’s exhibits

    Milepost 31, our award-winning information center in Pioneer Square, will be closing this Saturday. During the six years it was open, Milepost 31 welcomed nearly 80,000 visitors and was an important resource for people exploring the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

    Spots remain open for our final viewing platform tours! Looking for a free activity over Thanksgiving weekend? Take a tour on Saturday.

    If you don’t get a chance to visit the center this week, its exhibits on the history of the land that became Pioneer Square will live on beyond the physical venue’s closure. We have created a virtual library featuring 360-degree views of Milepost 31’s displays and videos:

    Screen shot from milepost website showing view of exhibit

    A big thank you to the staff, volunteers, partners and attendees who have helped make Milepost 31 a success.

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  • Two weeks left to take a viewing platform tour on the viaduct

    Our information center in Pioneer Square, Milepost 31, is closing its doors on Saturday, November 25, after a highly successful six-year run.

    One of Milepost 31's roles has been as the starting point for viewing platform tours. These free tours take small groups onto a closed section of the viaduct that overlooks the tunnel's future south portal. The view from that perch has changed substantially over time. We installed a camera and captured a time-lapse video of five years of construction from this unique perspective.

    It's not too late to see this view in person!

    Milepost 31 is offering guided viewing platform tours this week and next. We run tours at noon Tuesday-Saturday, with an additional 3 p.m. tour on Saturday. The center will be closed on the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.

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Program Spotlight

  • Tunnel’s lower deck arriving in Seattle piece by piece

    This week precast panels of the SR 99 tunnel’s lower deck are arriving in Seattle. This marks the beginning of an important stage of tunnel construction.

    The upper deck of the tunnel’s double-deck highway has been under construction for some time; it was more than half complete by the time the tunneling machine Bertha finished mining in April. The contractor, Seattle Tunnel Partners, is building the upper deck and most of the tunnel’s other interior structures using the … more