Fish Passage

State highways cross streams and rivers in thousands of places in Washington State, which can impede fish migration. WSDOT has worked for more than two decades to improve fish passage and reconnect streams to help keep our waterways healthy. WSDOT Fish Barrier Correction is a priority.

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Before Photo


After Photo

Photo of   A photo of the now widened culver allows fish to pass through with the opening on the other side clearly visible.

SR 99 concrete box culvert that blocked fish passage at West Fork Hylebos Creek near Tacoma.


SR 99 at West Fork Hylebos Creek after the old culvert was replaced in 2015, restoring access to over 2 miles of upstream habitat for chum and coho salmon, steelhead, searun cutthroat, and resident trout.


First high flow event


Mature Vegetation

SR99WFHylebos_HighFlow   A photo of the same culvert surrounded by vegetation with water freely flowing through it.

SR 99 at West Fork Hylebos Creek 1 month after construction, during the first high flow event. The culvert is properly sized to handle peak flows.


SR 99 at West Fork Hylebos Creek 1 year after construction. You can see the mature vegetation in this photo.