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WSDOT publishes 50th quarterly performance report

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 11:08

Daniela Bremmer, WSDOT Director of Strategic Assessment and Performance Analysis, 360-705-7953 (Olympia)
Joanne Wearley, WSDOT Performance Reporting Branch Manager, 360-704-6335 (Olympia)

OLYMPIA – WSDOT’s Gray Notebook, recognized nationally as the “gold standard” of transportation systems quarterly performance reporting, is setting its sights even higher. Beginning with its 50th edition, it is taking aim at becoming the “platinum standard” for such transportation performance publications.

WSDOT made this edition more approachable and reader friendly by using analogies to make articles relatable and by using infographics to present data in different ways.

In addition, readers will notice Quick Response codes to make background information accessible on smart phones and tablets, and visible hyperlinks in the online version so readers can get information more quickly.

“Our focus is still guided by agency-wide transparency and accountability and excellence in performance analysis and reporting,” said Daniela Bremmer, WSDOT director of Strategic Assessment and Performance Analysis. “What is changing is our approach to how we can best accomplish this while engaging a broader audience.”

The 50th edition features annual articles on bridge preservation and highway system safety as well quarterly pieces on Amtrak Cascades, Washington State Ferries, Lean projects and ongoing and upcoming construction projects.

Performance measures reported the 50th edition include:

Traffic fatalities are down by 33 percent in Washington state since 2005; preliminary data suggests there were 437 traffic deaths in 2012 (pp. 2)

• WSDOT bridge conditions improved slightly as the amount of bridge deck in poor condition decreased from 4.1 million square feet in fiscal year 2012 to 3.9 million square feet in fiscal year 2013 (pp. 4-14)

WSDOT completed 120 contracts in fiscal year 2013 for about $66.6 million or 10.3 percent less than the engineer’s estimate (pp. 41-42)

To find out more about WSDOT accountability and view Gray Notebook 50, or the condensed “Lite” version, visit http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Accountability/.

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