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WSDOT crews discover damaged anchor cable on existing SR 520 floating bridge

Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 17:57

Debera Carlton Harrell, WSDOT SR 520 communications, 206-819-7230 (cell)

Inspections underway and repair plan being developed 

SEATTLE – WSDOT maintenance crews discovered on Tuesday, June 25 that the existing State Route 520 floating bridge has a damaged anchor cable on the north side of the westernmost pontoon.

The loss of one cable does not put the bridge at risk because of safety redundancy built into the bridge’s cable and anchor system. The operation of the bridge will not be restricted, and repairs can be conducted with no impact to the traveling public.

Divers began inspections immediately on Tuesday and will continue through Thursday to evaluate the condition of the cable and its pontoon. There was no visible damage to the pontoon itself, or to the adjacent cable.

This pontoon and cable were last inspected in May when crews adjusted the tension to adjust for the seasonal rise of the water level in Lake Washington. There were no issues with the anchor cable at that time.

WSDOT maintenance crews regularly work inside the pontoons and along the anchor cables, as well as conduct thorough annual inspections of the bridge.

Next steps
A repair plan is being developed at this time and work could begin as soon as Friday or early next week. The cable for this pontoon was replaced in 2010 as part of a planned cable replacement program.

The contractor for the new floating bridge, Kiewit/General/Manson (KGM) A Joint Venture, has been asked to conduct these repairs since they have crews and necessary construction equipment on Lake Washington.

Media updates will be provided as information becomes available.


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