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Training for Local Agencies

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The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Training Program provides local agencies access to relevant training opportunities. LTAP sponsors its own courses, directly targeting the training needs of local agencies receiving Federal funding, as well as gathering information about other valuable training.

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Types of Training for Local Agencies

LTAP Sponsored Courses
Courses that are conducted by LTAP are specifically designed to help educate Washington State local agencies working with the Local Programs office and who are receiving Federal funds.

WSDOT Self-Study Courses
WSDOT trainers have created 5 different self study courses for Engineering Technicians. The courses are:
    Technical Math I
    Technical Math II
    Beginning Surveying
    Advanced Surveying
    Contract Plans Reading
Other Training Opportunities
This is a listing of other programs that may provide further professional training for local agencies. Contact them directly for more information about how to attend their training.

A posting of webinars and how to access registration information, times, and dates for them.

Online Training Opportunities

Other Online Training Opportunities

AASHTO T3: Curriculum for Technical Transportation Workforce. All TC3 Web-based trainings are FREE for all employees of state DOT's that contribute annually to the TC3 technical

Federal Aid Essentials for local agencies. This collection of online training is free and specifically designed to assist Local Agencies administer projects that have Federal Aid funding. There are sessions on project construction and administration as well as several web resources to assist local agencies. All sessions and materials are offered at no charge to interested local agencies.

Gravel Road Maintenance and Design by the MN LTAP Center

National Highway Institute (NHI) Web-Based Training - Course Catalog
NHI Online courses are available 24/7. Many courses are free. Participants can control the pace at which they complete the course, and may return to it as many times as they wish, although the final exams can only be completed for a score once. Beginning January 1, 2015 there will be a small fee associated with these courses.

You will need to create an account with NHI to access the Web-Based training courses. Instructions for creating an account are located on the NHI website here , click the "Log In" feature, instructions for creating a new account is one of the options.

FHWA offers Federal-aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies. Key information about Federal-aid requirements on a single public Website at

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