Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Draft 2019-2022 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The draft 2019-2022 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), a multimodal, four-year, prioritized program of federally funded transportation projects, as well as regionally significant state and local transportation projects, is now available online (pdf 7.5 mb) for review and comment.

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s public comment period for the STIP is Wednesday, November 21st, to 5 pm Thursday, December 20th. The comment period is the final step of a public engagement process that started at the local level. WSDOT developed the program of projects in coordination with statewide metropolitan and rural transportation planning organizations to ensure projects are consistent with local, regional and state long-range plans. WSDOT will send any comments it receives to the respective local or regional planning organization for their consideration.

The STIP is developed annually by WSDOT, and several projects may carry over as they move from design, to environmental, permitting and, finally, to construction.

Some county projects are not included in the draft STIP, as counties are required by state law to complete their transportation programs by the end of December so those projects are amended into the STIP in January.

More than 1500 statewide transportation improvement projects using $3.9 billion in federal funds are programmed in the 2019-22 STIP. Included in the STIP are state, local, tribal, and public transportation (transit) projects, which includes highways, streets, roads, rail roads, transit-hubs, park-and-ride lots, bridges, sidewalks, bike lanes, ferry terminals, trails and safety projects funded with federal, state, tribal and local revenue sources. Federally funded projects must be included in the STIP before Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration can authorize the expenditure of federal funds.

The current 2018-21 STIP can be viewed using the Searchable Web Database below and a similar, searchable database of the 2019-22 STIP will be created in early 2019, following FHWA and FTA approval.

Written comments can be sent to: Nancy Huntley, WSDOT, P.O. Box 47390, Olympia, WA 98504-7390, email:, or by fax at 360-705-6822.

2018-2021 STIP-Approved

The 2018-2021 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) was approved in January 2018 as required per the Federal Transportation Act. Approximately 1,400 statewide transportation improvement projects utilizing $3.5 billion in federal funds are in the 2018-21 STIP statewide, representing Washington’s highest priority projects.


STIP Amendment Due Dates

The STIP amendment schedule provides consistency for WSDOT regions and MPOs to submit projects for inclusion into the STIP. Local agencies and regional WSDOT Program Management personnel need to be aware of MPO timelines where applicable and work together to meet critical dates.


  • January: 1/18/19
  • February: 2/15/19
  • March: 3/15/19
  • April: 4/19/19
  • May: 5/17/19
  • June: 6/21/19
  • July: 7/19/19
  • August: 8/16/19
  • September: 9/20/19
  • October: 10/18/19

It is critical that all submittals are forwarded to Nancy Huntley ( no later than the due date identified in the chart above, to be included in the monthly amendment process. Rural project information may be submitted directly to Nancy Huntley as well based on an agreed upon process with the affected RTPO.

Web-Based STIP

STIP Training Manual (pdf 4.5mb)

The web based system allows local agencies to input their projects online once, for both the 6-year TIP and STIP. Local agencies will then submit their projects electronically to their respective Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) or Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO).

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