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Complete Streets

In 2011, the Washington State Legislature tasked Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)  with outlining a proposed grant program to include a proposed project selection and ranking method, criteria to be considered, and a plan for soliciting proposals consistent with the 2011-13 Transportation Budget, Chapter 367, Section 310 (10), and Chapter 257, Laws of 2011 (ESHB 1071).

WSDOT has worked with interested agencies and organizations through the summer and fall of 2011 to draft a grant program proposal. The Complete Streets program would improve conditions for all users on main street highways or city streets that also serve as state highways, and local arterials. 

This website provides information and supporting resources related to WSDOT's ongoing program development efforts.

Contact: Community Design Assistance for questions about WSDOT's process. 

WSDOT Documents

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Complete Streets Policies and Standards in Washington

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