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Ways to Help Your Federal Aid Project Run Smoothly

Fall 2015 the LTAP News converted from a newsletter to a BLOG.

Items will be posted as they arrive and while they make a difference. The newsletter will still be information for local agencies and will still solicit your articles and ideas. Our hope is that this new style will make the newsletter more relevant and current. We hope you like the change.


The Walkable Washington Symposium & Awards will showcase outstanding projects promoting walking, and provide communities with knowledge to create safe, inviting, and walkable places for everyone.

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Comments to the Federal Register for EDC 4 & the MUTCD.

In preparing for the fourth round of Every Day Counts (EDC) initiatives (2017-2018), FWHA has issued a Federal Register Notice requesting input on the list of topics to be developed.

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ACEC/WSDOT Structures Team Design Review Services.

The WSDOT/ACEC Structures Sub-Committee is offering its' services to Owners, Local Agencies, State Agencies and Consulting Firms. The committee is offering to review projects at any phase during the development, concerning design and constructability.

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Bridge Preventive Maintenance; Or Keeping the Water Out.

Back in the day, before timber preservatives were developed, early bridge builders put a roof over the bridge to keep the water off the untreated timber.

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Regulating Access on Washington State Highways.

What is access? Access is the ability to enter or leave a public street, roadway or highway from an abutting property or another public street, roadway or highway.

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