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Environmental Services

Below are “hot links" to our most requested environmental resources.

* Questions regarding the CE Form should be directed to Bill Leonard.

Project Tracking

Local agencies can track the status of projects undergoing Section 106 review online:

Local agencies that use FHWA’s “ESAWeb Tool” are able to track the status of projects undergoing Endangered Species Act consultations.

Mission : Assist local agencies process their National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation.

Chapter 24 of the Local Agency Guidance Manual (pdf 1.6 Mb) provides an overview of Local Program’s NEPA process, based on the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) protocol for NEPA documentation . This protocol entails 15 individual environmental policies and laws referred to as disciplines.


CE Guidebook 

The NEPA CE Guidebook (pdf 7.5 Mb) contains Local Program’s step-by-step instructions for completing NEPA for projects that receive funding from FHWA. Following the instructions provided in the guidebook will ensure that the documentation meets federal requirements, and thereby will assure that project timelines are met

NEPA Categorical Exclusion Form

The NEPA Categorical Exclusion (CE) Form is used by Local Agencies in documenting Class II level projects. The writeable PDF version of the form is can be downloaded from the WSDOT forms web site. A Microsoft Word version can be downloaded by clicking the hot link at the top of this web page. Detailed instructions for completing the form are provided in the NEPA Categorical Exclusion Guidebook.


More Environmental Resources from WSDOT

Unanticipated Discovery

Local Programs has prepared an Unanticipated Discovery Plan (UDP) template (pdf 101kb) for local agencies to use. The UDP outlines who to contact and how to secure a site should a discovery of cultural resources be made during construction.

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