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Civil Penalty Guide

Pay civil penalty onlineIf you fail to pay your toll bill within 80 days after crossing the SR 520 or Tacoma Narrows bridges, a notice of civil penalty will be assessed in the amount of $40 for each unpaid toll transaction, plus all accumulated tolls and fees. Registered vehicle owners have up to 20 days to pay or to dispute a civil penalty.

Ways to pay a notice of civil penalty

You can pay a bill using a credit card, debit card, check or electronic check using the following options:

Cash is accepted at customer service centers only. Do not mail cash.

What happens if you ignore a civil penalty?

If the vehicle owner has civil penalties that have not been paid or disputed after 20 days, the Department of Licensing may place a hold on their vehicle registration and the unpaid tolls, fees and penalties may be sent to collections. Learn more about vehicle registration holds.

Disputing a civil penalty

You must dispute a civil penalty within 20 days. The administrative judge will decide if you are liable or not liable and may consider mitigating factors as outlined by state law, effective July 28, 2013. In certain circumstances, judges may reduce or dismiss the civil penalty.

To dispute a civil penalty you have two options:

  1. Submit a written dispute: fill out and return the form included with your civil penalty. You may also visit, enter your notice number, print a copy and complete the form.
  2. Request an in-person hearing:
    - By phone: 1-866-936-8246
    - In person: at a walk-in customer service center in Seattle, Bellevue or Gig Harbor. 

Evidence Packages
If you have an in-person hearing, you can pick up your evidence package at walk-in customer service centers in Seattle, Bellevue or Gig Harbor, three business days before your scheduled hearing. You cannot pick up evidence packages at the hearing facility in Fife. The evidence package includes copies of account notes, toll bills, and civil penalties. 

Note: The only way to receive your evidence package is in person at a customer service center. Records requested through a public disclosure request are subject to state and federal privacy laws. Good To Go! account, vehicle, and personal information will be redacted.

Where are in-person hearings held?
You must call customer service at 1-866-936-8246 or visit a walk-in location in Seattle, Bellevue or Gig Harbor to schedule an in-person hearing for your civil penalty. When scheduling your hearnig, you can choose to have the hearing in Seattle or Fife:

Toll Enforcement Office
4554 9th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Fife Municipal Court
3737 Pacific Highway East
Fife, WA 98424

Note: The Fife hearing facility is not a Good To Go! customer service center. You cannot pick up evidence packages at the hearing facility in Fife. If you need assistance with a toll bill, civil penalty or an account you must visit a Good To Go! customer service center in Seattle, Bellevue or Gig Harbor or call 1-866-936-8246.

Questions about your civil penalty?

Visit frequently asked questions about civil penalty page or call customer service at 1-866-936-8246.