SR 16 Toll Plaza Signs - at the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Drivers must have a Good To Go! account to use the Good To Go! designated lanes.

Drivers who do not have a Good To Go! account must travel in the right-hand lanes approaching the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The right-hand lanes guide drivers to the toll plaza, where they will stop and pay.


24th Street on-ramp

You have several options for paying the toll for Tacoma Narrows Bridge: cash/credit at the toll booths, setting up a Good To Go! account, or Pay By Mail.

Pay Toll Cash - Good To Go! or Pay by Mail - SR 16 East Tacoma

When approaching the toll plaza you will notice signs for photo tolling .

Photo Toll System in Use - Tacoma Narrows Bridge

You are no longer required to have a Good To Go! pass to use the 24th Street on-ramp. Drivers without a Good To Go! account can use Pay By Mail.

Good To Go! or Pay by Mail sign

SR 16 in the Purdy area

There are road signs starting in the Bremerton area warning drivers that the toll plaza is ahead. This sign is posted 10 miles before the toll plaza, in the Purdy area.

Toll Bridge - Tacoma Narrows 10 Miles

SR 16 HOV lane

The HOV lane is open to motorcyclists and vehicles with two or more people. We encourage carpools and vanpools to use Good To Go!. You do not need a Good To Go! pass to use the HOV lanes on when crossing the bridge, but you will receive a Pay By Mail toll bill if you do not pay at the toll booth.

Buses and 2 Person Carpools Only - sign

Toll Plaza

One half mile before the toll plaza is the sign that directs drivers to the appropriate lanes.

Toll Bridge - 2 axles $2.75, $5.50, $4.00 - Added toll per axle - Toll Plaza next exit - use right lane

The main gantry above SR 16 directs cash paying customers to the right lanes. Good To Go! or Pay By Mail drivers stay to the left.

Good To Go! or Pay by Mail - Toll Plaza - Exit 8 - Toll Plaza ahead - Prepare to stop - Pay toll cash/credit/only - use 3 right lanes

Exit 8

This sign is located at multiple locations along SR 16 notifying drivers of the toll plaza.

Toll Plaza Exit 8 - All vehicles use Toll Plaza except Good To Go! or Pay by Mail