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Good To Go! Passes

Where to purchase a pass?

Note: Passes may not work with certain windshields. If you car has a metallized windshield (applicable vehicle makes and models, pdf 81 kb), check with your vehicle manufacturer to determine if there is a designated area on the windshield for passes to be installed. If not, you should consider a license plate pass.

Activate your sticker pass

Activate your pass purchased at the participating retail store by opening a new account or add it to your existing account at You can also activate the pass by calling 1-866-936-8246.

Pass Options

Good To Go! sticker pass

  • Most popular
  • $5 each, about the size of a band aid
  • Adheres to windshield near the rear-view mirror
  • Cannot be moved between vehicles after it’s adhered to the windshield
  • Need to delete pass from your account when selling your car or replacing windshield
  • Sticker pass installation instructions (pdf 499 KB) 

Good To Go! switchable pass

  • $12 each, about the size of a candy bar
  • Hard case mounts on windshield using velcro backing
  • Can be turned on or off depending on the number of people in the car when use SR 167 HOT Lanes
  • Moveable between vehicles
  • Additional velcro is available at walk-in customer service centers only
  • Switchable pass installation instructions (pdf 926 KB) 

Good To Go! motorcycle pass

  • $8 each, about the size of a thick-cut French fry
  • Adheres to motorcycle headlamp with clear sticker backing
  • Cannot be moved between motorcycles
  • Need to delete pass from your account when selling your motorcycle or replacing headlamp
  • Motorcycle installation instructions (pdf 535 KB)

License Plate
Good To Go! license plate pass

*Sales tax is in addition to the cost of the pass

Need help choosing the right pass?

Use our pass selection tool if you need help deciding which pass is right for you.

Problems with your pass?

Call 1-866-936-8246 or visit one of our customer service center locations immediately if your pass is lost, stolen or damaged. You may visit one of our customer service center locations to have your pass tested or if you need to return/exchange a pass.

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