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Leaving Anacortes
DepartEst. ArriveVesselADA
5:306:35 Hyak ADA Accessible
7:408:30 Tillikum ADA Accessible
11:2012:30 pm Samish ADA Accessible
3:05 14:25 Hyak ADA Accessible
7:108:10 Samish ADA Accessible
9:0510:25 Hyak ADA Accessible
1 Priority for Orcas and Shaw vehicles on the 3:05 p.m. weekday departure. Recommend 5:20 p.m. sailing for Lopez vehicles; foot passengers OK.
Leaving Orcas Island
DepartEst. ArriveVesselADA
7:008:25 Hyak ADA Accessible
8:55 110:00 Tillikum ADA Accessible
12:551:45 Samish ADA Accessible
4:505:40 Hyak ADA Accessible
8:259:30 Samish ADA Accessible
10:25 212:20 am Hyak ADA Accessible
1 No interisland vehicles; foot passengers OK. 2 Loads or unloads eastbound traffic on westbound sailing.


Please note: International service to and from Sidney, British Columbia,does not sail on any day of the week during winter schedule. Sidney service will resume on Sunday, March 31, 2019.